Sequence of Used Color for Therapy

Important shades for use in color treatment


This is the most basic color of done in healing. It is the color which you constantly make use of initial and last. No matter what you are troubling, begin as well as complete with an application of eco-friendly. It is the most safe shade of all to use. It is a shade which can be used all over yourself or it can be focused on to any one component of the body. The eco-friendly should be taken from the center of the shade spectrum, neither also blue nor too yellow. You must have some kind of a shade lamp which will certainly spread out the light to make sure that it can be played all over the front as well as the back for ten minutes. This green is the terrific shade of equilibrium, which integrates the circulation of prana or global life pressure, throughout the psychic centres. It runs, as do all various other colors, to start with on the mood, the representation of which responds upon the physical body.

To use you must be unwinded while the thumbs-up washes the entire front of the body for 5 minutes and the back for 5 mins. After that you can begin making use of other colors.


Yellow is the shade which signifies wisdom. Any type of psychological deficiency, no matter how it reveals itself, will certainly be relieved by the usage of yellow if focused on to small areas of the body. A concentrated beam of light of yellow light regarding the dimension of a tennis round applied at the base and at the front of the neck, has actually been found very beneficial for all instances of worried problems and for all cases where some psychological blockage or other shows itself. The mental obstruction may be caused by poor flow which triggered the mind cells to be starved of lymph as well as blood. It may be created by wrong breathing, which causes mental degeneration faster than anything else or it may be the result of a nervous break down or severe psychological strain. In the latter case it could no more be thought about a psychological blockage, but rather– mental fatigue.

Yellow is the shade which will relieve this sort of condition. The regular time of application is twelve minutes completely, for that reason if it is applied over the front as well as rear of the head, and also the front and also back of the neck in focused type, it ought to last for three mins on each position on the bare skin. Ladies should eliminate their make-up before color healing as the pigments are responsible to reflect the shade rays which are extremely subtle in nature.


This is a stimulating shade which can be given to the spleen, liver, kidneys, heart and undoubtedly to any type of organ which assists to promote good circulation. The complete time for application is 10 mins. Use a brilliant orange vibration in focused type to the spleen if you are experiencing with reduced blood circulation difficulty, yet not if you experience high blood pressure. All the inner organs such as liver, kidneys, bowels can be stimulated by this shade. The even more concentrated it is the more effective it will certainly be. Your color device ought to be great sufficient to concentrate a beam to concerning the size of a tennis ball. Such a concentrated light beam of orange vibration bet 4 mins on the spleen two times weekly will certainly assist those with low blood circulation difficulty. This shade will assist to boost the heart if focused over this area or certainly any other organ which needs stimulation. Orange is the excellent vitaliser and if offered in conjunction with Spiritual Healing and also other types of all-natural therapies it can usually supplement them and work as a trigger.

Do not provide orange on the temple of anyone that is highly worried. If you or your individual deals with mind tiredness however, orange can be offered on the rear of the neck, however not longer than four mins.


Bright crimson red is also an extra powerful stimulant than orange. This should not be provided to any individual on the head. Yet if actually focused on to rheumatic joints it will certainly be advantageous. You can use the red to the legs, knees or ankle joints for 10 or fifteen minutes. If the rheumatic conditions are high up in the shoulders, I would recommend an application for only five minutes each time. Place your lamp as though the beam will be predicted on to the back or front of the shoulder and also not encounter the shoulder on to the head. Also if it does beam on the head it is not unsafe in any type of method, yet it is best to prevent this.

As the light frequencies of red are sluggish as well as long, they have high passing through residential or commercial properties, consequently can be made use of to boost the aura (and physique) to such an extent that circulatory clogs can be removed.

Concerning infra-red this also can be used very successfully. An infra-red lamp is based upon the very same principle as an ordinary red color lamp other than that the really potent infra-red rays act directly upon the physical by causing excellent heat. Infra-red is far extra dangerous to utilize than the shade red and ought to not be offered for longer than fifteen mins on any part of the body. Infra-red rays need to not be given over the reproductive organs of a man or a woman, neither must they be offered for greater than 2 minutes over the liver, kidneys or bladder, due to the fact that they can create some damage. Do not under any account give infra-red rays to the head, definitely not the eyes. If you are making use of infra-red then purely follow your physician’s referrals. The color red can be given over the liver, kidneys or bladder for 3 mins without any kind of harm whatever.

Keep the color red away from the head of the individual who has had an anxious breakdown or who is very strung in any kind of way.


The reliable color is a deep full-bodied primary blue and this can be used from the top of the head to the feet of the majority of patients. If the problem is high blood stress, any kind of nervous breakdown, worried tension in any one of its kinds, blue looked for ten minutes can be valuable. On the other hand, if you deal with a cold or influenza, utilize orange color in preference to blue due to the fact that you will discover, particularly if you are delicate that you are accountable to obtain physically chilly under the application of a blue light. This is caused because the high vibrations are short and also quick as well as they materialize as cool instead of warmth. From this you can see that orange as well as red fruit and vegetables warm and are consequently needed in instances of low temperature level; blue creates coldness and is therefore essential in cases of heat. Blue triggers lots of people to relax. An application of blue color vibrations will additionally aid people to sleep who experience mild sleeplessness. For more severe cases a reduced wattage dark blue light in the bedroom has, prior to now, verified advantageous.


Violet can be made use of all over the body, but to apply it reduced than the hips would certainly be a waste of these remarkable resonances, which are of high spiritual content. So therefore I recommend that violet light is confined primarily to the forehead, the back as well as front of the head, the back as well as front of the neck and also in focused form over the heart and in between the shoulder blades for a total time of fifteen minutes. Violet often tends to bring terrific leisure and additionally like blue, can frequently be felt as waves of cold. It does not stimulate fundamental blood circulation, but it does boost the flow of the extra subtle powers throughout the psychic centres and also the nerves. Because of this it is especially helpful when used on the temple as well as neck.


All color therapies should start and finish with green for ten mins each time. Bathe yourself or person with a thumbs-up front as well as back for five mins each side. Now this will tend to stabilize any kind of imbalance which may have been brought about with the excitement of red or the much more subtle excitements of cries. As eco-friendly is the terrific balancer and also harmonizer it triggers lots of people to become extremely loosened up. It often tends to neutralize refined powers which have actually developed in one nerve ganglia and also triggering starvation of an additional nerve ganglia. Begin your therapy with an application of green and also always finish with an application of green.

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